What are owners really making on their classic motorcycles?

There have been figures of 360% since 2010 bandied about, but is that really true? Here are the real figures of values customers have achieved since 2010, so you can make up your own mind. This is all legitimately tax-free and assuming that the machines in question are investment grade. Value in 2010     […]

Why did Honda build the Phil Read Replica?

I wanted to understand more about my Honda CB750F2 Phil Read Replica, as it holds such an interesting and important place in motorcycling history, as you can read here. There are only 35, of the original 150 machines, built left in existence. That makes this classic motorcycle one of the strongest investments as the world […]

What does Brexit mean for classic motorcycle values?

I have been frequently asked this question and, although it is early days, one familiar pattern is emerging. I have been in the industry since 1988, so when interest rates went rocketing and property crashed, I started exporting to mainland Europe in those pre-internet days. What has been happening since 24th of June 2016 is […]

What is all the fuss about Honda CB750 Phil Read Replicas?

Honda CB750 Phil Read Replica Owning such a machine is the opportunity to own an extremely rare piece of motorcycling history. In 1976, Honda introduced the 73 BHP CB750F2. Apart from being the hottest summer on record, it was also a time when every Englishman was ripping off his air filter, throwing away factory exhausts […]

Are homologation specials worth the investment?

Firstly, what is a homologation special? To enter machines into competitive racing, manufacturers had to build a limited number of homologation special machines and sell them to customers for use on the road. If they sold enough of them, then they could base their race machine on that machine. So they were often built to […]

What is driving the prices in Japanese and Italian classic motorcycles from the 1970s and 80s? Here’s some hard facts.

It is a well-known fact that classic cars from the 1970s and 80s have enjoyed immense tax-free profits, ask anyone who bought a 1970s Porsche 911 in 2005. To be precise, they have been outperforming property and all other tangible assets over the last ten years reaching 469% according to Knight Frank’s wealth report of […]

The Best Performing Tangible Asset

Watches, classic cars, art, fine wine are all great tangible assets and they all offer tax-free profits because of their status as a chattel. Chattel investments attract absolutely no tax liabilities on profits and you can see the letter from HMRC confirming this here. That’s right, no Capital Gains Tax and no income tax, if […]

What Do I Do With My Pension?

Going through the options the market offers seems to only really deliver risk, fear, tax implications with any guaranteed interest barely worth thinking about. So why are so many people raiding their pension pots and investing in classic motorcycles and classic cars? Are they just profligate and foolish, or do they know something the rest […]

What Has Happened to the Price of Japanese Classics?

Certain Japanese classic motorcycles have increased by 180% to 200% since March 2012. Is this an anomaly, is it a bubble or is this the beginning of an explosion I have predicted in emerging market classic motorcycles? I sold a Honda CB750K0 to Czechoslovakia in March 2012 for £10,000. Last week the owner called me […]

Auction Houses. The Motorcycle Broker eats his words and there’s a new kid on the block.

Having been disparaging of auction houses in earlier articles, such as this one, I find myself happily eating my words. Previous experiences of paying to place my motorcycle in the catalogue, the cost of transporting the machine to the auction and then paying 15% plus VAT in commission, means that a decent sale price must […]

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