What is an investment grade classic motorcycle?
If you require a classic motorcycle as an alternative investment, then your machine needs to be an investment grade classic motorcycle. An investment grade classic motorcycle is a high quality machine, which meets all of the criteria that makes it easy to sell and elicits desirability. Such a machine should increase as the market for classic motorcycles grows, as it has been- see the ROI page on this site– and will continue to do so. The Motorcycle Broker only ever supplies investment grade classic motorcycles, unless otherwise clearly stated.

What makes a classic motorcycle investment grade?
To explain this, I will start by explaining what an investment grade motorcycle is not. Sites such as Ebay are full of classic motorcycles. Motorcycles, which are desirable, look fantastic, they sound amazing and ride beautifully. But nearly all of these gorgeous machines are not investment grade motorcycles. You can buy a great looking classic motorcycle, in such places, that will make your heart skip a beat, but it will break your heart when you come to sell it, or you expect it to work for you as an alternative investment. Here is a ten-point checklist for an investment grade motorcycle-

• Is the make and model you like an investment grade make and model to start with?
• Is the motorcycle authentic?
• Are the engine and chassis numbers correct? This can be very costly as Chris Evans explains here.
• Is it what the owner claims it to be?
• Is it a desirable model?
• Is it the most desirable colour?
• Is it the correct colour?
• Are the components correct, or are they pattern, or replica parts?
• Has it been restored, or is it original?
• If it has been restored, was it done sympathetically with respect to the original finish?
In the classic motorcycle blogs of this site you will notice an article which goes into far deeper detail about the above points.

How do investors negotiate such problems?
By using The Motorcycle Broker. On the Services page you will see that The Motorcycle Broker is an expert on emerging market classic motorcycles and if I don’t know the model of your motorcycle, then I know a classic motorcycle expert who does, who’s services I will engage. The Motorcycle Broker will make sure that your classic motorcycle is an investment grade motorcycle. If you have the correct classic motorcycle, you will find it easy to sell for the maximum tax-free return on your investment. When you want to invest in classic motorcycles, then take the advice of a classic motorcycle expert. I do not claim to be an expert on every classic motorcycle ever made, no one can be. But I am an expert on the high yield investment grade classic motorcycles and I know other classic motorcycle experts, who know all manner of other classic motorcycles which may be of interest to you, and work closely with them.

Do I need an investment grade motorcycle?
If you just want a classic motorcycle which looks great, is fun to ride and you have no interest in its authenticity or its value, then no, you do not need an investment grade classic motorcycle. This attitude is perfectly valid and I go into it further in another article on this site.  This article also points out that I choose to own such motorcycles to rack up miles, as they are a joy to ride. Ebay, and other such sites, are full of such machines and they are a joy to ride and own. Such a motorcycles will never appreciate anything like an investment grade classic motorcycle and will be much harder to sell. Just be aware that when you come to sell such a machine, every tyre kicker on the internet will try and get it as cheaply as possible from you, but an investor, or collector, will not go near it.
But, if you have an interest in investing in the best investment you can make over time, are concerned about high yield tax-free returns, authenticity and want your classic motorcycle to be easy to sell, then you really do need an investment grade classic motorcycle.

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