What is motorcycle brokerage?

Brokerage is whereby a client engages my services of The Motorcycle Broker to either find a motorcycle for them and check its provenance and authenticity. Conversely, The motorcycle Broker will also sell classic motorcycles and classic motorcycle collections, for clients, charging a brokerage fee for those services. Have a look at the classic motorcycles for sale pages to see the range of classic motorcycles for sale now. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact me, as I may well know where the machine is that you want.


Do I sell bonds in classic motorcycles?

No. I only ever deal with the physical machines. I am not registered by the financial authorities and do not want to be. Selling shares in a machine causes all sorts of problems.  Taking physical delivery of your own machine is the only straight forward and fair way to protect your investment. Investing in a classic motorcycle is investing in a real, tangible, hard asset, which gives joy and pleasure. Keep your investment simple. That is the best way to protect your investment.


Sourcing rare machines

Having worked in the industry with motorcycle dealers, for over twenty years, I know where there are some very rare and unique machines in private collections. I also have numerous contacts and can find machines clients are looking for. The Motorcycle Broker has assisted in the sale of unique machines such as Mike Baldwin’s, Barry Sheen’s race partner, factory Suzuki RG500. A BMW R32,  one of only three such machines in existence that rolled out of the BMW factory’s door in the first year of motorcycle production in 1923. I sourced my own brand new Ducati 996 SPS- pre-production machine that Ducati used to show the world what a 996 SPS really looked like  numbered 000 . If you want a brand new Honda NR750, Honda RC30, Honda RC45, all in the crate, then give me a call and I will locate them for you as they are for sale. I can also source a Honda NSR500 factory racer. I  have connections for classic and vintage motorcycles in over forty countries. So if you are looking for an extremely rare motorcycle, a specific emerging classic motorcycle, or just want to know that the machine you are considering buying is original and what the owner claims it to be, then contact The Motorcycle Broker.


Assisting in the sale of rare classic motorcycles and private motorcycle collections

When selling your rare, desirable, collectible motorcycle do you really want everyone on the internet, who expresses an interest, to know where you live and be able to find out what other motorcycles you have in your collection? The Motorcycle Broker can handle the sale and the motorcycle can be viewed at my premises, as no machinery is kept at my there. Clients’ details are kept confidential . You do not have the heart ache of dealing with the buyer, trying to erode your evaluation of your pride and joy, so you can remain dispassionate about the sale of your motorcycle.


Curating a classic motorcycle collection to achieve maximum profits 

The Motorcycle Broker is there to assist and advise with creating the best and most profitable motorcycle collections for all clients, not to sell you stock from their own shop floor. A motorcycle collection must be what the client likes to look at and live with, because to profit from such a collection should be regarded as a five year investment. The Motorcycle Broker will find out what you want in your motorcycle collection and find the best investment grade classic motorcycles that meet that criteria. Finding what clients want from their motorcycle collections is a thorough investigation based on key factors- Demographics, The number of machines available, Previous sales figures (for investment grade machines only) over the last five or ten years and Projections based on similar machines which define sales trends. There is a science to this and it is based on facts, not speculation. No motorcycle shop has the information, or the inclination or time, to undertake such thorough work on a motorcycle collection. And that is before any of the machines are examined.


Why not just put them in a classic motorcycle auction and be done with it?

Firstly, classic motorcycle auction houses generally charge about 15% + VAT and additional charges for listing each motorcycle in their catalogue. I have only ever sold three motorcycles from my own collection through any of the classic motorcycle auction houses. I have also never bought a classic motorcycle at any of the auctions I have attended, because I did not like the quality of the machines I saw for sale. They were never investment grade classic motorcycles. For further information on classic motorcycle auction houses see this article.


Authenticating and reports

Take the time to evaluate whether or not the classic motorcycle you are considering acquiring is original, before you buy it. Being a classic motorcycle expert, The Motorcycle Broker can evaluate machines, check the authenticity and write a clear and comprehensive report. The Motorcycle Broker can tell you whether you are considering an investment grade classic motorcycle or not. By commissioning a report on your motorcycle, you are engaging a classic motorcycle expert to ensure that the machine you are considering is what the owner claims it to be. I cannot claim to be a classic motorcycle expert for every model ever produced, but if I do not know, then I do know another classic motorcycle expert who does know. For further information look at investment grade classic motorcycles. The Motorcycle Broker is an expert in classic motorcycles (and the classic motorcycle market) and if I am not absolutely certain, then I know another classic motorcycle expert who is. Chris Evans will tell you clearly how not paying an expert cost him £2M here. I’m sure if he had commissioned one of those experts he talks of, they would have made it clear what the problem was with the car.



I will give an honest valuation of a classic motorcycle. I will demonstrate the valuation according to what has sold and the current market conditions. You will be given two figures, a lower and higher one, and I do my utmost to achieve the most desirable price for my client or clients.


I don’t have a motorcycle license

No problem. Many of my clients are high net worth individuals (HNWI), who do not have the time to mess around with obtaining their motorcycle license. Let The Motorcycle Broker deal with it all for you. Having worked with rider training schools, The Motorcycle Broker can arrange bespoke motorcycle training and taking your test around times convenient to you. It has even been done on a one to one basis, where the instructor came to the clients work place.


Advanced rider safety courses and off road training

Being fortunate enough to live on Dartmoor, I can offer days or weekends of riding with a headset through some of Britain’s finest countryside to hone your skills. I can also offer off road riding courses for those who want to really sharpen their skills.


Motorcycle transportation

I have been loading, unloading and transporting motorcycles from my own van for over thirty years and have never damaged any machines in that time. I have a long wheel base Mercedes Sprinter which is purpose fitted for safe motorcycle transportation.


Registering imported motorcycles with DVLA

I have been registering imported motorcycles for over twenty-seven years with DVLA. It can be challenging at the best of times, especially as they have now closed all of their local offices. I understand the paperwork required, the process and how to deal with them if, or when, they make a mistake. I will also tell you up front what may go wrong and how to mitigate risks. You can make your own decisions on how to register the machine and I do offer a service whereby I register the motorcycle for you in your name.



I do sub-contract out safe, insured, temperature controlled motorcycle storage.



I do offer restoration services. Feel free to contact me for these services, as each project is taken on having appraised the machine and by mutual agreement on what type of restoration the client requires. For example, do you want your motorcycle frame powder coated, the paint to be better than new and using modern water based paints and wheels built with stainless steel spokes and the engine rebuilt with stainless modern fastenings? Or would you prefer your motorcycle to look like it has just left the factory and been unpacked from the crate with the correct fastenings and spokes? The choice is yours.


Important legal notice

I am not registered with any financial authority and am not qualified or allowed to give financial advice. The views on this website are only my personal opinions and are in no way offered as financial advice. You must make your own decisions regarding any investments.

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