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Welcome to the emerging classic motorcycle market.

Welcome to The Motorcycle Broker, the website for classic and vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and investors alike. I am Paul Jayson and I help people to invest safely, with tax-free returns, in classic and vintage motorcycles, that they own and take delivery of. I am a professional motorcycle broker and finder of very rare, classic and vintage motorcycles for serious collectors, motorcycle enthusiasts and investors alike.

I also have my own private collection of around fifty machines. I do have classic and vintage motorcycles for sale from my own private collection, as well as finding specific machines for customers and selling machines and complete collections on behalf of clients. It is not about what is advertised on this site for sale, but what I know can be acquired, as I have an enormous network of motorcycle collectors through out numerous countries, to find the classic or vintage motorcycle you desire.

If you are interested in classic or vintage motorcycle investment, classic car investment, high yield, tax-free investing in machines that you can ride, have fun on and are yours to keep, then this is a must read site for you. You can also advertise your machine on this site with no up front fees, but just a commission on the final sale.

I do not sell bonds or shares in machinery, I find the right machines and ensure they are the genuine article. I also give my opinion of the market, what I believe is going to go up, what I think is a good investment and what I believe is not a good investment. I will state clearly, where ever I know, what a classic or vintage motorcycle is like to own, ride and live with. The main piece of advice I always give for free is, only buy what you like. Do not buy motorcycles that you dislike, whether or not you believe they are a good investment.

Please feel free to enjoy the site and ask questions.

Important legal notice

I am not registered with any financial authority and am not qualified or allowed to give any financial advice in any way. The views on this website are only my personal opinions and are in no way offered as financial advice. You must make your own decisions regarding any investments.

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